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National Vet Tech Week


Regardless of my current level of satisfaction at my job, I have to say the pride I feel in being an RVT never fades. I love the industry I work in, the camaraderie felt with the other techs as well as support staff and doctors, and the constant challenge that each day brings.

Some of the jobs that fall under my job description aren’t pretty, aren’t desirable, and quite often don’t smell very good. However, no matter what, I know that all the little things that I do will contribute to the betterment of the pet’s life. It does become tedious when you are trying to teach someone how to help their pet and they’re clearly going to dismiss everything you’ve said as soon as they walk out the door, provided they actually listened in the first place. I’ve written previously about the things that irk me as a veterinary professional and those things continue to happen day in and day out. What keeps me in this field is the group of like-minded individuals I get to work with on a daily basis.

Even though many of us are in different stages of lives, we have a common goal of helping animals that bring us together at work.  Through thick and thin we keep a positive attitude, which is so essential in avoiding burnout and compassion fatigue.  Lately in the veterinary world, the number of people succumbing to these things is on the rise and thankfully our clinic has taken this quite seriously.  We are all attending a workshop on mental health next week, and I can’t be more proud that our clinic’s partners are taking such a proactive role in addressing the issue of mental health.  It’s not something a lot of people think of when it comes to our job, but it is very real and it does affect people in a big way.

As much as I may complain about the job of a vet tech sometimes, we do find time to have fun and see the humour in everyday situations.  We can laugh about the tough things from yesterday or about an entertaining animal or client who is booked in today.  We can compare stories or “battle wounds” and make light of the fact that our job can really suck.  Despite that we love it because we are doing what we love, and we should count ourselves lucky as there are many people out there who either don’t love their job or have no idea what they even want to do.  We’ve found what makes us happy.

I certainly feel appreciated during National Vet Tech Week as our clinic owners took the time to show us their appreciation with sweet tweets, and even a little gift.  This really shows us that we are valued members of the team and that our work doesn’t go unnoticed.

From: blogs.oregonstate.edu

From this tech to all the others: KEEP IT UP!  Your efforts and hard work are what keep your clinic functioning, and just know that what you do matters.  Every day you contribute so much to the betterment of the lives of animals and their people, and you should be proud.


My Journey for Charity in Northern Ontario: Day 4

Day 4

Cat Lake is a different world yet again from that of Round Lake. The people willing to have us do surgeries are fewer, and seem to have a bit of a different attitude toward their dogs.

Animal abuse seems to be rampant here, whereas I didn’t hear much about it in Round Lake. I saw a dog with burn wounds, and heard about cats being sprayed with spray paint. To experience this first-hand is utterly nauseating. To know that these kids are doing this, whether it be out of boredom or stupidity, is heartbreaking to say the least and if I ever find the ones responsible, I may end up in jail.

It adds another reason as to why I’m here and why we take dogs out of this community. They run the risk of being mistreated on a daily basis and that is NOT alright. Education, education, education. And consequences.

Apart from all of that we had a very successful day of surgeries and vaccinations. The animals were all very well-behaved, which made our jobs that much smoother and there were people who were very helpful and really wanted the dogs to be neutered.

We had one kid, Antonio, who actually helps to rescue dogs out here and we allowed him to hang out with us and learn about what we do. Maybe if he learns that he can take his education as far as he wants, he can have a career in this field which he obviously adores.

Swimming was supposed to happen after a hard day’s work at the clinic, but instead we attended an “Elder’s tea” where we got to meet the elders of the band and also meet the two police officers in charge of Cat Lake.

This turned into a few hours of bonding with the officers, where we got a tour of the dump from the back of the cruiser, looking for bears. Listening to the two people in the front do a Yogi Bear impression over the loudspeaker had everyone crying tears of laughter. We never did meet the fluff-ball, but we had a great time nonetheless. I admire the work the officers do out here, what with putting up with rampant vandalism, drunks, and domestic violence. Usually, there is only one officer here to look after the 600 residents. I don’t know about you, but I might be a little wary if I were in their shoes.

Our team is really starting to have a great sense of camaraderie now that we are getting a bit worn out and have had a chance to spend a lot of time together. This really is a great team of animal lovers just out to work as hard as they can for these dogs.

We will hopefully have another full day of surgeries on the schedule for tomorrow, but it can be hit or miss at times. Either people forget, or they just can’t be bothered to bring their dog for their free spay/neuter, vaccine, and parasite control.

Also, one of these times we will hopefully be able to A) swim, but more importantly B) go fishing. I doubt the latter, as recreation isn’t what we are here to do. I’m sure we will find a spare hour to go for a refreshing dip in the pristine lake while we’re here. How I would love to fish up here though…






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My Journey for Charity in Northern Ontario: Day 3

Day 3

My pillow and I have missed eachother dearly in recent days, but luckily this evening we’ve been given a little respite with internet access to boot!

Now I get to continue writing to you lovely people who take the time to read my blog. There is too much material and too little energy to get it all down, but I will try my best!


Today started with an early morning in the little house loaned to us. A very quick shower and off we went to finish up the rest of the surgeries. Not all of the dogs were big fans of ours but we got them neutered, spayed, vaccinated and dewormed anyway. Nine or so surgeries later, there were still many people we tried to squeeze in but had to draw the line due to have to catch our next flight. With many promises to return next year, we began the daunting task of packing all of our gear and people into one little Cessna Caravan. Somehow we managed with not an inch to spare.


A couple hours and a few exasperated moments and we were boarding our little plane. Our awesome pilot, Nick, even let me ride shotgun! (As long ad I didn’t press any buttons) Queue the five year old me asking all kinds of stupid questions. He was thankful for the company and I was elated to be able to see the flight from this perspective. He did a great job with all of it, even our teammates who are sensitive to flying got through the ride with no upchucking incidents.

The surroundings in Cat Lake look very similar to those of Round Lake, with many of the tiny homes in some manner of disrepair. We were pleasantly surprised by a few members of the community who drove out to meet us at the “airport” and shuttled everything to our new digs. Lovely first impression of the citizens.


We’ve settled in and are taking advantage of the opportunity to rest, shower, and get back in contact with the outside world.

We already have our first set of critters who are coming home with us. There are four little husky-cross pups who are about four weeks old. Hopefully two of them are spoken for, but foster and adoptive homes are still very much needed. Feel free to contact me or the Facebook page if you have any questions or if you can help us look after some dogs!

PS… Bugs. Everywhere. That is all.



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