Steam Summer Sale is Here



Our Steam,
who art at Valve,
Hallowed be thy games.
Your service runs,
with connection on,
as it is DRM.
Give us this day our daily deals,
and forgive us our piracy,
as we forgive those who pirate against us.
And lead us not into other services,
but deliver us from evil publishers.
For thine is the PC kingdom, power, and glory forever.


Steam summer sale started yesterday, have you taken advantage yet?

source: DA

– Colleen

source: CB

– Colleen

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Things That No One Tells You About Being a Vet Tech

This is wonderfully articulate work that bluntly tells it’s readers what it means to be a new technician, and some of the challenges we face on a daily basis. This article was actually my inspiration to begin blogging about my own journey as an RVT, along with any other tangents I may get on.

An everyday hard-worker with a penchant for offensive opinions and no patience for fluff. Believer in everything real.

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