Psychology Behind Public Disdain For Science

Ever wonder why people don’t seem to trust things like scientific evidence? Facts? Consensus?

I have, especially when it comes to things like vaccines, medicine, and the rest of the world around us it seems.  I stumbled upon a very interesting little tidbit packed so full of cool info, you’ll need a brain massage.  It tries to make sense of why people tend to believe themselves correct even though they aren’t really qualified to do so.

While psychology has always been a topic that fascinated me, I admit I am no expert on the field.  I found this very interesting, and I daresay helped me find a new perspective.

Give this a read!  Let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Psychology Behind Public Disdain For Science”

  1. I wish I had this article for the piece I did on Science needing better PR. It’s a great illustration of how people will not trust scientifically tested information.

    I think, though, that because there is a measure of trust implicit in just accepting scientific conclusions, this might be a barrier to accepting those conclusions. This doesn’t justify not accepting the conclusions, but it could go to explaining a hurdle the scientific community must overcome.

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