8 Things Your Pastor Will Never Tell You About The Bible

Another interesting point of view from a former pastor and one I hope can open some eyes.

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27 thoughts on “8 Things Your Pastor Will Never Tell You About The Bible”

      1. Jenn,

        Matthew chapter 28 proves that everything that is said in this post is false.

        Then instead of addressing that calamity, you change the subject by making another false claim.

        Where are these contradictions that you refer too?

        Can you name even one?


      2. The contradiction comes in when you say that the bible refutes the points laid out by this author. If the author of the post is giving passages from the bible and then you say Matthew refutes it, is that not contradictory?

        Take it easy on the “calamity” bit, don’t be so dramatic.

        Take a little gander at this blog, it is full of incidences where the bible contradicts itself. https://wordpress.com/read/blog/id/44947191/

        But I don’t really need to show you that blog, do I? Your whole point is that the points in that article contradict the one you’re giving me. Thanks for proving my point.

        If you would like to tell me those passages aren’t in the bible, you can try. I think you’ll find yourself down some credibility, though.


      3. Jenn,

        The Bible is 100% consistent.

        That everything claimed in this post is false is no fault of the Bible. In fact, I used the very Bible you cited to prove that your claims about the Bible are false.

        Then, I asked you to provide one example of a Biblical contradiction and you used your own argument as the authority for your claim that the Bible contradicts itself.

        To claim one’s own argument as the authority for one’s own claims is obviously a logical fallacy.


      4. The bible is nowhere close to 100% consistent. I actually gave you a link to a blog with the examples you’ve asked for. I fear I don’t have the time presently to comb through, but luckily we have access to blogs who have done so already.

        I guess when you’re in the habit of taking things on faith alone, it’s hard to know when to stop.

        Happy reading and have a wonderful day.


      5. Jenn,

        You just admitted that you cannot back up your claim because you don’t have knowledge of the Bible; that someone else does, please follow the link.

        You have demonstrated that you are not capable of arguing your own point even after using yourself as the authority for your own argument.

        It should be simple enough for you to give just one example of how the Bible contracts itself.

        Clearly, the contraction exists in your own mind and in the incoherent manner in which you cobble your thoughts together.

        Why blame the Bible for your own self-contradictions?


      6. In no way did I say I can’t back it up. I showed you a link to evidence for my argument because, if you must know, I am at work and don’t exactly have a bible handy.

        It’s funny, though, that you call me incoherent. Of course we get to flinging mud to avoid the fact that you have nothing to say about the points on the blog I posted for you. I have shown you evidence. Here’s a pretty picture for you since I’ve lost you so far:


        Whether or not I derive the quote myself or if others already have, the point remains the same – you don’t have a leg to stand on.


      7. Jenn,

        I have asked you multiple times for only one example of the Bible contradicting itself.

        If you can’t even give one example yourself then your argument is lost.

        You can’t outsource your responsibility to back up your own claims to others and expect to retain even a shred of credibility.


      8. I can’t show direct quotes on another page as proof?Sure I can, proof is proof whether I take it from a bible sitting in my hands or not. If there is an issue about the validity of the quotes, then address those.

        It’s time to put up or shut up. Either address the contradictions in that blog directly, or your trolling on my blog is done for the day. I have no patience for your avoidance of the topic at hand.

        Coherent enough for you?


      9. Jenn,

        Acts 2:21 is addressed an Apostle to Jews (“men of Israel), God’s Chosen People, who are following the law.

        Matthew 7:21 is Jesus making a general statement to all of mankind.

        As I have claimed, there is no contradiction in the Bible.


      10. I think you misunderstood what I said. I said there are contradictions in the bible, not necessarily contradictions to your point.

        Contradictions abound in the bible, against that there is no argument.

        To see whether your passage refutes anything will take time I don’t have right now as a hospital is a busy place. You’ll have to wait for that.


      11. Jenn,

        You told me to go to your link and find the contradictions in the Bible.

        I did just that.

        Further, I demonstrated that the quotes listed at your link are actually not contradictions at all.

        Unless you can refute my claims, this post is nothing but false claims based on ignorance.


      12. They are certainly contradictions in the bible, just not ones to your point (as I just outlined clearly)

        As I also already said, quite coherently, I can certainly have a look at your claim and the passage at a later time when I am not otherwise occupied with important things. That will have to suffice for now. Be patient, I am not ducking. I am merely prioritizing.


      13. Jenn,

        What I posted was chapter and verse from the Bible. Consequently it’s right on point.

        You on the other hand, haven’t made any argument at all.

        You just make claims and demand that they be true just because you say so.

        That’s the atheist way, not the civilized, rational way.


      14. Jenn,

        You need to learn how to stay on the very subject that you brought up.

        You are employing the logical fallacy of moving the goal post.

        What that means is that every time you lose an argument you simply change the subject and blame your opposition for being slow on the draw.


      15. I’m not sure, but I think making an argument that has no bearing on the subject at hand is not any better.

        Keep on believing your logic is superior. It’s hard to debate with the blindly devoted, especially when it comes to questioning their favourite fairy tales.


      16. Name me one bad deed done by solely by the order of an atheist, then one by a religious extremist. I will bet absolutely anyone thinks of one of the latter first. At least an atheist doesn’t need the constant threat of hell to do good things, they use what is innate in them.


      17. Jenn,

        You can’t argue the point so you change the subject. Okay, I’ll bite.

        Atheists are responsible for the greatest mass murders in human history.

        100,000,000 innocent people were slaughtered by their own atheist governments during the first decades of the 20th century.


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