How much does it cost just to walk through the door of your vet’s office?

Growth Factors

Imagine you bring your pet to your primary care veterinarian because s/he’s recently shown some abnormal signs. Your veterinarian examines your pet, performs some few basic diagnostic tests, and suddenly, you find yourself on the receiving end of unimaginable news. Your veterinarian tells you your pet has cancer.

What do you do? Where do you turn for more information? How can you determine what your plan of action should be?

Your veterinarian recommends you schedule an appointment with a veterinary oncologist as your next step. You accept the referral and call to set up an appointment.

When you contact the specialists’ office, you are transferred to a scheduling coordinator who informs you of the doctor’s next available appointment. They explain what to expect during the time you’ll spend at the hospital. Lastly, they inform you of the consultation fee.

The price of the appointment may seem shocking to many owners…

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