Why is it SO EXPENSIVE to take Fluffy to the Vet?

Confessions of a fed-up veterinary professional

First, I want to say that in most cases a Veterinary Hospital is a for-profit business. There are some not-for-profit agencies that provide veterinary medical care but by and large, the majority of practices are there to make a profit. This post is written from my experience in the for-profit industry. I spent nearly 10 years in a managerial role in Veterinary Medicine and by far, this is the most frequent complaint that I received. It’s all over the internet reviews, the comment cards, the phone calls and emails. Clients feel that Veterinarians are gouging them and recommending unnecessary tests to pad the bill. There are literally thousands of articles about Veterinarians being heartless and money-hungry. Seriously, just google “Money Hungry Veterinarians” and you will have hours and hours of reading material. As the person who had to field these complaints in various hospitals, I can tell you that 90% of…

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