My Journey for Charity to Northern Ontario: Day 7

Day 7

This was a day of travelling with little to report about the communities since we are now off of the reserve area. We awoke at the motel in Pickle Lake to climb into the motor home and begin our journey to Thunder Bay.


Our adoptees are adapting well to travel, with nobody getting carsick yet. The pups seem to sleep through most of it and practice their howling for the rest. The older dogs just sleep, taking their new surroundings in stride very well.

Leashes are a new concept for them, so pee breaks are a bit of a mess because they aren’t quite sure what it is they’re supposed to do. Luckily they seem to catch on that they weren’t supposed to go in the RV.

Now that we’re on the final leg of our journey, the drive from Pickle Lake to Thunder Bay, there’s a lot of time for reflection and absorption of all of the information and experience gained throughout the trip.

It changed the way I look at doing at anesthesia and made me more confident in it. Without the comforts of the usual anesthesia protocol at my usual clinic, I had to adapt and quickly. I found that the more comfortable I felt with it out here, the easier it will be at home.

It gave me a new perspective on the way we live and the way these First Nations people choose to live. I now realize how much change is needed to get these communities where they need to be mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I can only hope that what Friends of Animush have accomplished over the past two weeks have helped the people and the animals live healthier better lives.  Maybe one day we’ll get there, but for now we will just keep plugging on.

The Friends of Animush is doing a great thing by helping those dogs who can’t help themselves, who just try to live as best they can with the little they’re given. They don’t deserve to get caught in the crossfire of human dysfunction.

It’s right back to business as usual now that I am back at home, working my locum job at Woodbine Racetrack on Sunday morning. No time for rest but I can feel like I used my vacation time for something productive and worthwhile.  What an eye-opening experience, and one I’ll not soon forget.


If you have any comments or questions about how you can help the Friends of Animush on future trips, or if you have space in your home to help foster one of our rescued dogs, please send a message in the form below.


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