My Journey for Charity to Northern Ontario: Day 5

Day 5

Today felt like the longest one yet. Starting at 9 am, we managed to spay/neuter 20-ish animals, vaccinate those and more, and also tell many gawking little children to stop leaning on the wall we made to keep all the strays out. Every five minutes, honestly that wall was coming down. I was ready to punt someone.

I feel like this community is not as into us being here as the previous one. People are less willing to bring us their animals and pick them up. One guy told us to just to let the dog loose and it will find it’s way home. Not with all those sedatives, he won’t.

Despite the lack of people showing up, it was nice to know that we really did make a difference for those dogs and cats that we did manage to see. Now to educate people, and get them to be less excited and willing to get rid of theirs dogs just so they can have a puppy again. This seems to be a big obsession here, and it contributes greatly to the population problem.

After a hard day’s work, around 6, we finally closed up shop for the day and got a couple hours to do our own thing. We swam in the lake, which I have to say was a bit nipply. Then as we began the trek back to our base, we admired all of the beautifully scenic, horribly spelled graffiti all over the place. With lines like “bitches and holes” and “once a snitch allways a snitch”, how can one not be swept away in the romance of it all? No, that wasn’t a typo, the morons actually spelled it like that.

We rendezvoused with our police officer friends again and they took us for another crack at finding the bear at the dump. We were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon two bears! For being such great sports about touring us around in their squad-trucks, we fed them again. Perhaps it was nice for them to get to have some friendly company up here for a change, and we certainly enjoyed theirs.

The four pups that we took charge of in Round Lake seem to be taking everything in stride, but the singing at three in the morning has lost it’s cuteness already. Why is it that almost everything a puppy does is hilariously adorable?

Tomorrow we finish up a few last surgeries, if they show up, and then it’s once again time to pack everything up and carry on in the direction of home. I really just hate packing. Our trip home will be slightly different than our trip up. We will be flying the short trip to Pickle Lake, staying overnight, then driving from there to Thunder Bay where we’ll catch a flight back home to TO.

That drive should be a hoot. One motor home, nine people, three dogs, four puppies, personal stuff, and a ton of equipment. I am not sure how this will all go down but I am thinking that it’s gonna be a long one, especially if those pups continue to howl. Singing me the song of their people is cute for a video-op but after a while you’re ready to tell them to put a sock in it.

I really have enjoyed this experience insofar as I have achieved my goal of coming here to feel like I am making use of my skills to benefit someone/something in need. That we have done and I love the feeling. I would do this again and I have a funny feeling that I will.







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