My Journey for Charity in Northern Ontario: Day 2

This is technically day 3, but due to my lack of internet access here is Day 2. Today’s will hopefully come later.

Day 2

We were so busy today, I didn’t even have time to dwell on the fact that I had no cell service and therefore no connection to the world outside of the community in Round Lake.

We flew by 8-seater bush plane from Sioux Lookout to our temporary base in Round Lake. Of the four of our group on the plane, I had the good fortune to be the only one not to have a second look at my breakfast. The ride was a bit on the choppy side, but our pilot was great and the landing was smooth, so I think we had it pretty good.

The group had a minute or two to view our accommodations then off we went to the arena. There our equipment was that the first shift had set up. We started surgeries around 12:30pm and did the last one around 9:30pm.

All of us got thrown right in, as the surgery patients came pouring in almost as soon as we arrived. The routine was learned on the fly, which is sometimes a little hard for me. I usually need a bit of time to process and figure what I’m going to do and when. By the second or third surgery it started to become much easier, and we all started to get into a rhythm which ended with us finishing a mixture of 15 canine spays and neuters, then we flew through 8 feline neuters.

As I write this we are just waiting for the last of the cats to be able to go home. Now that the urgency has left our brains, I think we are all getting a bit sluggish and can’t wait to crawl into our beds to start bright and early again at 8:00am.

The people of this community have so far been very helpful and thankful for the work we are doing. Life is quite different here, to say the least, so we’ve had to adapt many of our protocols from what we do at home. Most of the dogs and cats live outside for most of their lives, but most were used to being handled and very sweet.

The vaccine clinic also seemed very popular, and it was nice to see how many people wanted to get their pets vaccinated and dewormed.

All in all a successful, satisfying day and I can’t wait to start again tomorrow. Then we’ll be continuing our journey to our namesake community, Cat Lake. I think the weirdest moment was when a little girl came up to me and bashfully asked, “did you cut off a dog’s paws?” Well no, not that I knew of. Luckily her companion was a little more on the ball and corrected her. We had cut the nails, not the paws. I’m glad we cleared that up.

Hopefully I will continue to find some sort of Wifi connection!





If you have a comment or a question about how you can help the Friends of Animush, please feel free to shoot me an email!


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