My Journey for Charity in Northern Ontario: Day 1

I belong to this organization with other techs, vets, and volunteers is one that promotes the health and safety of dogs in the far reaches of Northern Ontario. We visit Native communities in hopes of controlling the population through spay/neuter clinics and education. This is my very first trip with them, and I am pumped!

As I write this I am on a plane from Toronto, ON to Thunder Bay, ON where we will rent a car and continue to Sioux Lookout. The final leg will be completed tomorrow as some of us head by bush plane to Round Lake, and I to Cat Lake.

Friends of Animush (Dogs) is a not-for-profit group of dog lovers out to make a difference. The driving force behind this organization is the constant threat of mass dog shoots due to over-population and the ensuing trouble caused by too many dogs and too few people to care for them. Veterinary care is scarce in these remote areas of Ontario, excepting the groups who travel there to do work like ours.

As a registered technician, my biggest motivation for doing this is the knowledge that I will be using the skills I’ve obtained for a cause that will make the difference to the lives of the dogs and the people of these communities. I can’t wait to start, and to experience what life is like in these remote communities. If I can use what I’ve learned to potentially save lives and create deeper bonds between man and dog, I am happy to brave the bugs, heat, and long hours to make that happen.

Hopefully we will leave a lasting good impression and be able to find homes for the dogs that we bring back with us. The neglected, the injured, and the sick are ones that we try to bring back to Southern Ontario to foster with volunteers until they can be found homes.

Conditions in these areas, I’ve heard, can sometimes be rough and the people living there have many of their own problems to deal with aside from those of their pets. While there are programs in place to help the people, we believe that the lives of the animals also deserve to be made better. I expect an eye-opening, educational experience that I’m unlikely to forget and I hope to be able to share my experiences with all of you!

As internet and time become available, I will try to document my journey over the next week. Tomorrow we arrive at our first community, and I will catch up with you then!

If you are in a position to foster, donate, or provide any services that could benefit the Friends of Animush or the animals we’re fighting to save, please contact me or send us a message on our Facebook page entitled “Cat Lake: Friends of Animush”.



If you have a comment or a question about how you can help the Friends of Animush, please feel free to shoot me an email!



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