Common Pet Myths: Busted

There are so many ways people care for their pets and so many old wives’ tales that really need to be put to rest.

First and foremost is something I hear almost on a daily basis and it drives me bonkers. When I ask if their pet is on flea or parasite protection, I’m often met with, “Oh I don’t need that. My pet only goes out in the backyard with me”. Is that right? So your presence alone scares all those little critters away? You’ll have to patent that magical force-field that keeps parasites off your property, you sly devil you. Just put it in a pet food commercial, people will believe anything in those.

Fleas in particular are crafty little jerks and can hitch a ride on anything that comes in contact with the outside environment. Then that person/thing heads on inside and voila! A flea infestation has begun. Stop being so naive.

I understand that not everyone has the same knowledge and education when it comes to parasites but let’s exercise a bit of common sense here.

Another belief that threatens to make me snap on a regular basis is the one where people think over-the-counter flea products are just as good as the ones you can purchase at the clinic. This truly bothers me because I have seen what these products can do to pets, cats in particular. Cats come in having seizures, twitching, and completely incoherent. Dogs more often present with chemical burns. All because they’ve been poisoned by these products and if you had actually seen one of these cases you would wonder how any pet store could sell them in good conscience. See the bottom of the page for statistics.

This isn’t the place the cut corners. These products are dangerous as well as utterly ineffective. The difference between these and veterinary products is that the pet store versions are simply pesticides. The ones carried by your vet clinic have been thoroughly tested for safety and effectiveness and are a no-brainer for anyone with the sense of a billy goat.

I’ll limit myself to one more. It has become apparent to me that people have come to trust commercials for nutrition information rather than people who actually have your pet’s health in mind, instead of trying to sell you second-rate food. They have this annoying habit of bragging that their pet is on a corn-free food with no chicken by-products.

The simple fact of the matter is: there is NOTHING wrong with either of these things. Chicken by-products are merely things like hearts, livers, etc which actually have a lot of nutritional value. The same goes for corn.

I invite you to do your own test at home. Pay attention to the amount of stool your pet produces while on a food from the grocery story versus a food purchased from your clinic. They will be smaller while on the one from the vet. Why? Because your pet’s body is actually using what’s in it, instead of defecating all of the useless bits in the crappy food.

Yes, there are animals who develop sensitivities. Here’s a fact – they can develop sensitivities or allergies to anything they’re exposed to for long periods of time. Stop allowing yourself to be brainwashed by a commercial just because they have a cute kitty telling you he loves it. Leave it to a professional.

If you have a myth that you’d like me to touch on, feel free to leave it in the comments section or shoot me an email. I will do my best to give you an educated, articulate response.


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