Life and Death: As Understood By a Veterinary Professional


This is a controversial post that could potentially be as lengthy as many fantasy series of books, but I will try to be short and concise and leave some for future posts.

Keep in mind:  “Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you’re right” – Ricky Gervais

As has been demonstrated by the the recent Nye v. Ham debate, it can be well argued that religion has no place in science.  These two things are just not comparable, nor can one be explained by the other.

However the veterinary world is one based entirely on science because that is what we use to discover, analyze, and treat whatever comes our way.  What I am out to discover is how anyone with a rational, scientific mind, who demands a certain standard of evidence for the things they believe when it comes to medicine, be able to believe in something like the Bible?

If you told a child both the story of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, then stories of the different “miracles” written about in the Bible, would they really be able to tell the difference between the fairy tale and the biblical rendition of “what really happened?”  I doubt it.  That is because no matter what, those things cannot be explained by logic.  Science cannot prove that they DIDN’T happen, but there is also absolutely no evidence to support that they did, and really, if you expect someone to believe that a talking snake existed or a guy lived inside of a fish, then that only proves that they will believe anything.  I have God’s pet rock for sale if you’d like to direct them my way.

As the late, great Christopher Hitchens once asked, “Why is faith good?”.  We don’t accept anything else on blind faith, so why is it considered a virtue to believe things written thousands of years ago just because some guy said that the voice of a god told him to?  That sounds more like an undiagnosed mental illness than a miracle.

I will look at this from an animal’s point of view.  If all the stories were true, and there truly was a god, it then begs the question:  Why are there people who abuse animals?  Why are there animals suffering all over the world from human neglect and terminal, painful disease?  The answer that “God works in mysterious ways” is a cop out, so let’s not hear any of that.

If there truly is a god, he’s not mysterious.  He’s a jealous, evil, sadomasochistic god who sits there with the power to fix everything but instead sits idly by and waits to judge us when we die.  Does that kind of guy deserve worship?  Not in my book.

Yes, the thought that people’s pets will wait to see them in heaven is a pleasant one, and I am not going to ruin that for the person who just witnessed the passing of their beloved animal.  Do I believe it? No.  But there are some people who need that sort of comfort in that moment.

Fortunately for me, I do not require it and would prefer to find solace in the here and now, in the things that I can touch, see, hear, feel, and taste.

When a pet dies, many people don’t know what happens behind the scenes after they leave them at the clinic.  Perhaps they don’t want to.  Many seem to like to believe they’re laid to rest in some invisible, wonderful place behind the clinic.

Spoiler alert:  This is false, and I know it is because I usually have to play undertaker if not on a daily then a weekly basis.  I will tell you that there is no floating being flying up to the sky.

There is an extra-thick garbage bag and a freezer.  It’s not romantic and it’s not pretty, but it’s the truth.  Their bodies are always treated with respect, as if the owner were watching us work, then they are sent to a company specializing in pet cremation.  The End.

I know this addition to my blog may generate some heat, so I would ask that you either learn to disagree in a civil manner or save your breath.  Any idiocy in the comment section will be deleted.






5 thoughts on “Life and Death: As Understood By a Veterinary Professional”

      1. Religion can be helpful to some. If an idea of a “Rainbow Bridge” gives people some kind of relief, I’d say go for it. As a longtime agnostic, I find somewhat silly, but I know people who have gained a lot of consolation/relief believing that one day they will all be reunited and jump over clouds and play and rub their kitties’ bellies because “the kitties will be there, waiting for them, same as they were before, just healthy”.


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